Languages: AS3 • Assembly • ASP • C/C#/C++ • CSS • HaXe • HTML5 • Java • JavaScript • MySQL • PHP • Swift • Unity • Visual Basic

Software & Frameworks: Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate) • Android • Bing Maps API • Facebook API • Google Maps API • iOS • MacOS • OpenGL • phpMyAdmin • SVN & GIT • tvOS • Visual Studio • Windows


My work on mobile includes apps and games written in a native language (e.g. Java, Swift or C++) or Unity, Adobe Air and HTML5.

Featured Projects

APP: Video player app for iOS and Android

GAME: Preschool mobile game for iOS and Android

GAME: Mobile fitness game for iOS

GAME: NBA 2 on 2 basketball

GAME: Sporting games in HTML5

GAME: Boxing game in HTML5

App: Editor for HTML5 amd mobile apps.

GAME: Transformers action games in HTML5.

Note taking app for Android

Mobile game for Android

GAME: Side scroller in HTML5

GAME: Shooting game in HTML5

Scheduling Software for the ROM

Simple light app for Android